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What we can do for you

We have a team of experienced consultants in various areas of aviation disciplines, so whether it be setting up an airline or operating a personal air service, we will be able to manage the process for you from start to finish in the following:

  • Evaluation of Charter Service Requirements

  • Sourcing and Acquisition of Aircraft for Lease or Purchase

  • Certifications and Delivery of Aircraft

  • Establishing Flight Operations

  • Establishing Line Maintenance Operations

  • Recruitment and Training of Technical and Cabin Crews

  • Establishing of Ground Operations

  • Application of Air Operating Certificate

  • Creation of Training Materials and Implementation of Operational Procedures (Local CAA & ICAO, IATA)

  • Preparation for Audits by all relevant authorities

  • Setting up of Aircraft Maintenance Programs and Solutions


All the training and operational protocols implemented will be in compliance with the local civil aviation authorities' and that of the International Civil Aviation Organization's guidelines, requirements and procedures.

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